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Race Across America - Host: Paul D. White

The quality of America's future will be proportionate to its ability to live in racial harmony. Race Across America, and its guests boldly discuss ALL racial issues and events - past and present. Are our nation's racial disparities the result of historical, systemic racism, or... the result of poor cultural values, bad choices, no personal accountability, and choosing to be victims rather than victors? Listen in each week and YOU decide.

Host Paul White has lived as a racial minority in Black, Latino, and Asian communities. A career educator, usually working with minority offenders and gang members, both juveniles and adults, White experienced a seminal race moment while growing up in the Detroit area. Within a 48-hour period, he barely escaped a near-fatal beating by a Black gang, left his parents' home and White suburb, and with no place to live, ended up being taken into the home of a Black friend in an all-Black neighborhood.

"I'm for Truth, no matter WHO tells it. I'm for Justice, no matter WHO it's for or against."
(Malcolm X)

I believe that the Final Battle will not be White over Black or Black over White. It will be Good over evil -Truth over error - Light over darkness."

"Let us be dissatisfied until that day when nobody will shout 'White Power!' — when nobody will shout 'Black Power!' — but everybody will talk about God's power and human power... " (Martin Luther King, Jr.)


lamarcus tinker

Executive Producer: LaMarcus Tinker 

LaMarcus Tinker, a native of Houston, Texas, has an impressive and growing body of work in the entertainment business, on both sides of the camera.  He sees improving race relations in America as a top priority.  "True racial healing comes from acknowledgment, validation, uncovering, and work. Unity is necessary, but the truth comes first."