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Local News

  • Pot Retailers (PM)
    With details on cannabis dispensaries in Carson City, Rich Hancock reports; http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KKFT-070122-HANCOCK-Pot%20Retailers.mp3
  • Pot Retailers (MID)
    Rich Hancock has details on more cannabis dispensaries in Carson City; http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KKFT-070122-HANCOCK-Pot%20Retailers.mp3
  • Pot Retailers (AM)
    Carson City could see additional cannabis dispensaries. Rich Hancock has details; http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KKFT-070122-HANCOCK-Pot%20Retailers.mp3 [recorded copy] The...
  • Mental Health Grants (PM)
    11 Nevada law enforcemrnt communities are receiving mental health grants, Rich Hancock has details; http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KKFT-063022-HANCOCK-Mental%20Health%20Grant.mp3
  • Mental Health Grants (MID)
    Rich Hancock has more on 11 Nevada law enforcemrnt communities to receive mental health grants;...
  • Mental Health Grants (AM)
    Carson City is one of 11 Nevada law enforcemrnt communities to receive mental health grants....