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Gun Talk w/ Tom Gresham

Tom Gresham's entire life has prepared him to be the host of Gun Talk®. He has been shooting since the age of six, deer hunting since 11, and at the age of 13 he was taking photographs for the best selling book The Complete Book of Bass Fishing, written by his father, Grits Gresham. By the time he was 18, Tom was co-author (with his famous father) of a syndicated newspaper column. At 23, he was the editor of Southern Outdoors Magazine. Other outdoor magazines he has edited include American Hunter, Alaska, Handloader, and Rifle. Tom also has written several books, including Weatherby: The Man, The Gun, The Legend.

With the proposed gun grabbing legislation in D.C. you can't afford to miss this week's show.

Call 1-800-TALK GUN (866-825-5486)