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Local News

  • RFD Quickly Knocks Down Blaze Started by Occupant
    The Reno Fire Department quickly knocked down a fire in a home on Maple Leaf...
  • Home Intruder Shot & Killed
    Around 9:45 p.m. on Saturday January 22, 2022, the Reno Police Department responded to a...
  • Jobless Rate Unchanged (PM)
    With more on Carson City unemployment, Rich Hancock has details; http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KKFT-012422-HANCOCK-Jobless%20Rate%20Unchanged.mp3
  • Jobless Rate Unchanged (MID)
    Rich Hancock has more on Carson City employment; http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KKFT-012422-HANCOCK-Jobless%20Rate%20Unchanged.mp3
  • Jobless Rate Unchanged (AM)
    Carson City unempolyment remains unchanged. Rich Hancock has more; http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KKFT-012422-HANCOCK-Jobless%20Rate%20Unchanged.mp3 [recorded copy] 3,700 jobs were...
  • Washoe Murder (PM)
    With more on a Sun Valley suspect charged with murder, Rich Hancock has details; http://blogaudio.virtualnewscenter.com/KKFT-012122-HANCOCK-Washoe%20Murder.mp3